Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tudaya Falls ~ Davao del Sur ~ Waterfall Warrior

Tudaya Falls
Location: Brgy. Sibulan, Sta.Cruz, Davao del Sur
Type and height: Plunge/ 150 meters
Trek difficulty: 5/5
Trek duration: 30-45 minutes

As a mountaineer the top 10 highest mountains in the Philippines have always been thought of and now that waterfalls has captured my interest and excitement the top 10 highest waterfalls in the country has followed course. 

I'm back in Mindanao after 3 weeks and Tudaya falls has been in my mind. Located three hours away from Davao City and being the 5th highest waterfalls in the country there's no doubt I'll be seeing you, Tudaya falls.

After a sleepless night I took a van from Davao City and traveled south to Digos City where Vince, my Mt. Apo companion, would be waiting together with our "habal-habal" driver. This would fall in my history book as being one of the longest ass pain stalking  motorcycle ride. A one and a half hour ride thru rough road, steep ascent and descent, multiple pot holes, and every twist and bump a road can endure. My butt forgot its name after. I forgot I had a butt.  

The jump off point lies a simple old wooden house with some Abaca leaves being dried on the outside. The sky was gloomy and dark with some hint of a downpour when we arrived but our spirit never ceased. We trekked and headed to our destination. 

The first part of the trek will be through Banana trees before it changes to a canopy of green and brown until it again changes to an exposed area minutes to the falls. The trail is no easy walk. One must have sufficient balance, coordination and strength as some parts of the trail is not established, some even requires walking on landslides and narrow paths. This is when I realized that this blog should include a "Trek difficulty" feature. As you noticed this trek proved to be the most difficult trek I had to a waterfall thus having it 5/5. 30-45 minutes of hiking and Tudaya falls finally presented itself.

This picture reminded me of Angel Falls of Latin America. A congested down pour of water from above which slowly ceases and evaporates into a mist before hitting the ground. 

My companion Vince who hails from Mindanao was full of excitement with shouts of appreciation as it echoed through the air. This is the highest waterfalls I have seen.

I may have had a bad night but with this in front of me I can only thank the heavens for kissing me with such beauty. 

How to get there:
(From Davao City)

1.)  Head to Ecoland and ride a bus to Digos City. (Php 95.00) 2 hours
1a.) Head to Gaisano mall and take a Van to Digos City (Php 150.00) 1 and a half hours
2.)  From Digos Old Terminal take a Van to Kapatagan, (Php 100.00) 1 hour
3.)  From Kapatagan hire a “Habal-Habal” to Brgy. Tudaya,Tudaya falls (Php 800.00) 30 minutes

*To save time you can just rent a “Habal-Habal” from Digos City to Brgy. Sibulan. I was charged Php 1,500.00 roundtrip.

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